You Might Not Have Fully-Registered For Your Covid-19 Vaccine & Here’s Why…

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PM Muhyiddin receives first Covid-19 vaccine as Malaysia kicks off mass inoculation campaign, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Earlier this month, Malaysians have been registering for the Covid-19 vaccine on MySejahtera. Out of all 5 methods to register, which includes using a hotline and registering on a website, the app is the most convenient especially since most Malaysians have a smartphone.

However, it has come to our attention that the registration process is actually more complicated than we initially thought.

For those unaware, here are the basic steps for registering for the vaccine through MySejahtera:

Most people would stop here but in actuality, you have to click the bolded ‘CLICK HERE’ button and fill in your additional details to actually qualify for the vaccine.

The final step is complete once you see this landing page on your screen.

So there you have it.

Once you’ve completed that, you’re all set to receive your vaccine.

But until then, stay safe, stay at home and always adhere to SOPs.