You Can Own Your Dream Home in Gamuda Gardens While Still Keeping Your Cash

source: Gamuda Gardens

You can now keep your cash on hand, while still getting the keys to your new home!

source: Gamuda Gardens

Find out how you can KEEP CASH GET KEYZ on their website.

This is important for you if you have the following wishlist:

1. You want a home without paying a big 10% downpayment
2. You want your desired house loan margin
3. You don’t want to pay interest during construction

To help Malaysians own their first home, Gamuda Gardens is providing a guide to keep your cash on hand while still getting your “keyz”

source: Gamuda Gardens

Here’s how it works:

1. Select a project you are interested in.
2. Pay a 3 month deposit and nothing more until completion.
3. Move into your dream home for one to five years after project completion.
4. Own your dream home with up to 100% financing.

Terms and conditions apply.

Joya in Gamuda Gardens is now available with KEEP CASH, GET KEYZ benefits. Let’s take a sneak peek:

Joya offers two-storey superlinked homes with a fusion of exquisite architecture and dense greenery

source: Gamuda Gardens

The latest product offering of Gamuda Gardens is Joya. Recipient of The Best Landed Development By StarProperty 2020 Award, Joya is a fusion of exquisite architecture and dense greenery.

Live in a generous home space with broad terrace frontage. These gateless homes are designed to foster a close-knit neighbourhood. Joya’s thoughtful merge of material and nature results in an expansive home desired by today’s modern family.

source: Gamuda Gardens

Surrounded by the greenery of Gamuda Gardens, Joya’s low density homes are gated and guarded. That means peace, serenity, and safety. Families can also enjoy the Children’s Playground and Family Park without worry.

source: Gamuda Gardens

Gaia Residences are the first serviced apartments at Gamuda Gardens and feel like a private retreat

With resort-inspired amenities, you’ll live a life of pampering and rejuvenating in this property. This award-winning township is nestled among greenery, so you can enjoy modern conveniences while staying close to nature.

The surroundings include a 50-acre Central Park, scenic wetlands, majestic waterfall, lakes, and a waterfront village.

source: Gamuda Gardens

The high-rise lifestyle offers stunning views and access to diverse facilities. Plus, maintenance fees are free for your first year living there!

source: Gamuda Gardens

Located in the northern end of Kuala Lumpur, Gamuda Gardens is just a 5-minute drive away from the Guthrie Corridor, LATAR, and North-South expressways

source: Gamuda Gardens

With beautiful lakes around a town square, you’ll love going for walks along the promenade and waterfront.

All the conveniences of city life are available, while still being surrounded by nature and greenery. It’s a lovely place to call home.

KEEP CASH, GET KEYZ will help you own now, pay later! Book a viewing and get one step closer to owning your dream home at Gamuda Gardens.

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