Here’s How You Can Get Shopee Vouchers Worth RM8000 & Other Amazing Offers by Gamuda Gardens!

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Gamuda Gardens is partnering with Shopee to bring you beautiful homes online, along with all kinds of amazing deals!

Browse through some of Gamuda Gardens’ lavish homes from 25 April 2020 onwards, and book a unit for only RM388. Plus, you’ll even get Shopee vouchers worth up to RM8,000 when you make a booking!

Imagine having your own place to truly call home…

source: Gamuda Gardens

You can finally go all out and bring your Pinterest pins to life by decorating it beautifully, turn that extra room into the home library you’ve always dreamed of, let out your inner Masterchef in the kitchen of your dreams, and so much more!

And of course, your lovely home will be where you spend quality time with your family, and build all kinds of wonderful memories together, that’ll last a lifetime. <3

Located in the northern end of Kuala Lumpur, Gamuda Gardens is a great place to call home

source: Gamuda Gardens

At Gamuda Gardens, every element is mindfully planned and thoughtfully brought together. Everything is organised around a town square that sits by beautiful lakes, and there’s even a promenade and a waterfront.

You’ll have all the conveniences of living in the city, while also enjoying all the comforts of the country life. Just as you can ride a bike to the town centre, you can also take a walk along trails that guide you into the woods.

Gamuda Gardens is a mere 5-minute drive away from the confluence of the Guthrie Corridor, LATAR, and North-South expressways. From there, you are connected to KL, other cities, and attractions through the network of highways and public transportation.

Check out these stunning homes within the Gamuda Gardens township that you can book for just RM388:

1. Joya – These 2-storey super linked homes are perfect for those who love lots of space

source: Gamuda Gardens

Type: 2-storey super linked homes
Bed & bath: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms / 4 + 1 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
Lot size: 24′ x 65′ / 24′ x 75′
Built-up area: 2,288 sq ft to 2,608 sq ft
Price: From RM935,800

source: Gamuda Gardens

Joya won Best Landed Development at the StarProperty Awards 2020. The homes have wide frontage with multi facade, as well as a spacious and practical layout.

Plus, they even come with a 20-foot linear garden! Not to mention, you’ll also get free membership to the Gardens Wellness Clubhouse and free unifi.

2. Jovita – Not only is there lots of garden space, it’s also right next to a 50-acre pet-friendly park

source: Gamuda Gardens

Type: 2-storey linked Semi-D
Bed & bath: 4 + 1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
Lot size: 35′ x 70′
Built-up area: 2,570 sq ft to 3,222 sq ft
Price: From RM1,238,800

source: Gamuda Gardens

Jovita is the first development in Gamuda Gardens to consist of linked Semi-Ds. Those who love being outdoors will definitely enjoy the vast space outside, complete with a side garden and patio.

And good news for those with furbabies, Jovita is right next to a 50-acre pet-friendly park! Buying a Jovita home will also get you free membership to the Gardens Wellness Clubhouse, as well as free unifi.

3. Village Homes – Coming home to one of these gorgeous houses every day will be such a joy


Type: 2-storey linked homes
Bed & bath: 4 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms / 4 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms
Lot size: 20′ x 75′ / 22′ x 75′ / 22′ x 80′
Built-up area: 2,010 sq ft to 2,400 sq ft
Price: From RM831,800

source: Gamuda Gardens

The Village Homes development will be complete in Q2 of 2020. Each one comes with a spacious and practical layout, and a linear garden. Just like the other properties, you’ll get free membership to the Gardens Wellness Clubhouse and free unifi.

4. Gaia Residences – It has beautiful views and all kinds of facilities, what more could you want?

source: Gamuda Gardens

Type: Serviced apartment
Bed & bath: 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms / 2+1 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms
Built-up area: 640 sq ft to 750 sq ft
Price: From RM390,800

source: Gamuda Gardens

Prefer to live in a high-rise building? Opt for Gaia Residences, the first serviced apartments in Gamuda Gardens. Buying a unit there gives you access to diverse lifestyle facilities, as well as free maintenance fees for your first year living there.

Don’t miss out on their awesome online deals and book your dream Gamuda Gardens home today! Click here for more information.

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