You Can Now Get 20GB Worth Of Data For Only RM20 With Yoodo’s Customisable Plans

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Feel like you’re always running out of data?

You consider increasing your quota, but that usually costs quite a bit. And then what’ll happen if you don’t manage to finish it all by the end of the month? Ughhh, such a waste of money!

With Yoodo, these kinds of struggles will be a thing of the past, ’cause you’ll be able to decide exactly how much data you want, and only pay for what you need.

source: Yoodo

Yoodo, the 100% digital telco, empowers you to pay for only what you need

Launched in 2018, Yoodo is Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital telco. Yoodo’s network is fully powered by Celcom, which gives you access to the widest 4G LTE coverage in Malaysia. Forget about not being able to get signal and having to wait ages for stuff to load on your phone. Now you can enjoy seamless connection, anytime, anywhere!

Because Yoodo knows that #YouDoItBetter, they are giving you the flexibility to create your own perfect plan according to your budget and habits!

Whether you’re a mak cik bawang or an avid gamer, you have the power to choose how much data, voice and SMS you need using the sleek sliders on their mobile app. With more than 350,000 combinations of mobile plans to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find one that meets your exact needs.

source: Yoodo

Yoodo also does not tie you down to any contract or plan! You can change your plan with no additional charge anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can manage everything related to your plan from the Yoodo app itself, so the power to make changes are always right at your fingertips.

Yoodo also supports eSIMs which makes activation so much easier. As a 100% digital telco, Yoodo guarantees that you don’t have to set foot in a store to get going. You can subscribe to this seamless eSIM service by simply installing the Yoodo app, signing up, and activating a new Yoodo line in less than 5 minutes.

Wanna try customising your own plan? Click here!

Yoodo loves rewarding their users with all kinds of cool deals and promos


In conjunction with their second anniversary, Yoodo is offering many amazing deals!

1. Yoodo Rewards – Buy more, get more!

source: Yoodo

Yoodo Add-Ons
With Yoodo Rewards, you’ll get even more value for money. Buy Add-Ons from as low as RM5 for 20GB, and you’ll get a FREE Add-On after your 10th purchase! Yoodo offers Add-Ons for games, entertainment, social media, and shopping, so there’s something for everyone.

source: Yoodo

Yoodo Roam Like Home roaming pass
Besides that, Yoodo also offers Roam Like Home roaming passes to make travelling so much easier for you. Just like the Add-Ons, you’ll get a FREE 1-day roaming pass when you’ve purchased 10 days’ worth of the pass. With roaming passes from as low as RM5, you’ll still be able to use your local mobile plan when travelling overseas.

2. Power Pass – super-charge your data!

Need even more internet? The Power Pass has gotchu covered. The Power Pass offers a large high-speed Internet quota for a short period of time at a low price. For only RM2, you’ll get to enjoy 100GB for an hour! This pass is perfect for those who need lots of Internet at a particular time, like if you’re about to binge-watch a bunch of videos or play a data-heavy game.

source: Yoodo

Convinced to make the switch? Now’s the perfect time ’cause Yoodo is currently offering 20GB of data for only RM20 to celebrate their second anniversary

Sign up for Yoodo now to enjoy a limited time offer of getting 20GB worth of data for only RM20! Just imagine all the things you could do with that much data – send Whatsapps non-stop, binge-watch your favourite shows, make hundreds of TikTok videos, and more.

Get more info on the 2020 Promo here!

That’s a lot of offers! So what are you waiting for? Click here to download your Yoodo app and order a free SIM card!

Your SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep for free. As if all these offers aren’t good enough, Yoodo has another reason for you to make your move: FREE 5GB data for first activation!

source: Yoodo

Don’t miss out on these great deals! Download the Yoodo app on iOs or Android now, or head to Yoodo’s website for more info.

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