You Can Experience a Bangkok Night Out without Actually Going There

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Pejam celik, 2019 is ending in less than two months! We know some of you have already made itineraries for your year-end holidays whether it’s overseas or locally.

One of the most popular destinations for travellers is Thailand. It’s got everything – amazing culinary, art and music, and beautiful nature landscapes . But not everyone can afford the time and money to go there.

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If you’re tight on budget and time, we have just the place for you to experience Bangkok without actually going there!

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Did we scramble your mind with that sentence?

We did that on purpose, because 2 Nights In Bangkok (Will Make Your Heartbeat Rumble) is a family-friendly event that captures the vibrant colours of Bangkok!

You can indulge in authentic Thai food, martial arts performance, and exciting activities for both adults and kids.

Here are the event details:
Theme: Thailand Mood
Date: 16 November 2019 – 17 November 2019
Time: 5pm – 10pm
Venue: Carnelian Park, Sendayan Merchant Square

To make it easier for you to explore the event grounds, we’ve made a list on what to do there!

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market is the largest outdoor market in Thailand. Filled with arts and crafts, street food and more, it’s a must-visit place for whenever you’re in Thailand.

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This version of Chatuchak will be scaled down so you can explore the grounds without getting lost. A total of 30 stalls has been divided with 15 food stalls and 15 merchandise stalls.

Pad Thai. Image for illustration purposes only.

2. Thailand’s Famous Floating Market

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The uniqueness the Floating Market makes it an attraction for both the locals and tourists who are looking to buy goods or foods.

You can enjoy a delicious plate of Pad Thai or other authentic Thai cuisine with 4 stalls set-up at the area.

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3. Maeklong Railway Market

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Choo choo! Since 1905, the Maeklong Railway Market has been a unique trading spot for the locals. Visitors can find everything from fresh meat and seafood, fruits and vegetables, juices and Thai’s snacks.

Without having real hazard of incoming trains, a total of two stalls will be set-up to mimic the Maeklong Railway Market, where you can enjoy some food and take photos with the trains.

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4. Muay Thai Street Demonstration

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Muay Thai is a martial arts that’s known worldwide. Most Malaysians know the sport thanks to classic Tony Jaa’s movies. Some professional fighters in the MMA also incorporate it in their style. It’s a savage way to get a beatdown.

Don’t worry, there’s going to be professional fighters coming all the way from Thailand to demonstrate the power, ferocity and art of Muay Thai so you won’t have to.

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There’s going to be a two-set demo, both running for 10 minutes. It’s going to be a cool performance and an introduction for those who seek to dabble in the art of Muay Thai. After the show, grab some Muay Thai merchandise at the booth there.

Somehow the shorts are popular in streetwear culture. Image used for illustration purposes only.

Aside from enjoying the cool activities and food, those aged 12 and above will get free cash voucher upon registration! (limited to 1 to 1000 pax each day)

While you step out from indulging in all the amazing food, there are tons of family-friendly activities that showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Thailand. 

Here are the activities at the event:

1. Krathong Folding Workshop

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Krathong, which translate loosely to “tiny raft” in Thai term is a circular floating sculpture made from banana leaves, flowers, candles and incense sticks.

In Thai tradition, people will release a Krathong down a river during the full moon. An indication of letting go of their misfortunes. Some would add items like a coin, a piece from a clothing for personal effects.

Image used for illustration purposes only. source: Wildlife Friends Foundation

A professional  will be there to teach a tutorial on how to make your own Krathong. However, the workshop will be limited to 200 pax, so you better queue up early!

2. Make your own traditional Thai desserts

Everyone loves a good snack. Here’s your chance to learn how to make your own!

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Look Chup
A dessert derived from Marzipan, a recipe from Portugal that’s called massapao which is made from almonds. Since the nut doesn’t grow in Thailand, it’s replaced by Mung beans.

Although Look Chup take the form of pickled fruits and veggies, they’re actually sweets!

Miang Kham. Image used for illustration purposes only.

Miang Kham
Translated into “one bite wrap”, this dish was originally introduced to the royal court. Now, it’s one of the most popular street food in Thailand.

It mainly consists of raw fresh Piper sarmentosum leaves, filled with roasted coconut shavings with the main ingredients being chopped into smaller pieces for an easy-bite.

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A good Miang Kham will give you a nice sweet tang with a bit of spicy punch that’ll keep you coming back for more.

3. Beat your friends and family at an arcade game

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Relive the good old days where beating someone’s high-score on Tetris was the most important part of your life. There will be an arcade area installed, where you can let loose or introduce the younger kids to an old school game!

You don’t even have to bring a spare change, it’s all free of charge.

4. Ask for a balloon animal from the nice Clown

Image used for illustration purposes only. source: Clown Badut

Clowns can be scary, but this one will put a smile on your face. There will be a walk around clown to entertain you with cool animal balloons. Instead of the typical colourful clown outfit, they’re going to don a Traditional Thai outfit!

5. It’s the Claw… of snacks

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It’s not rigged! And the prizes are tasty Thai snacks.

6. Get creative with sand art

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You’re not the only one who’s going to have fun, the young ones will too! Bring along your kids to the free sand art booth for a therapeutic quality time.

Stand a chance to bring home awesome prizes at the lucky draw sessions

Me when I win a lucky draw. source: Gfycat

There will be a session every 1 hour, so make sure to wear a watch and be on time! Every session will take place at Hijayu Aman Show Village.

Make sure to register here to get FREE vouchers so you can enjoy all the cool things at the event.

Save the dates and enjoy 2 Nights in Bangkok that will definitely make your heartbeat rumble. For more information, click here or call this number 1800-88-2688.

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