Yee Zilin’s Offbeat Collages

Like most students, graphic design major Zilin doesn’t have a unique style she can name as her own, but making collages is an activity that she describes to be a part of her lifestyle. “I like to collect different kinds of material and I like to explore different kinds of mixed media such as illustration and collage. I like to explore collaging and it has become part of my personal styling.”


Her collages involve not only clippings from traditional print but also materials that may often be overlooked as trash, take for instance, a crushed beverage container, cigarette buds, and even dry instant noodles. She makes her art according to her instincts and replenishes her mind through travel by exposing herself to manmade designs – architecture and cities.


Zilin is currently in her final semester at Dasein Academy of Art and she will graduate next year.

Take a look at her work below: