Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Long Overdue Sacrilege

JUICE appreciated Karen O’s experiments with making children’s music for the art brat (Where the Wild Things Are OST). Still, we are a hell lot more appreciative of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ incoming return with new album Mosquito, which we had heard some of it at Big Night Out ’13 live.

First single ‘Sacrilege’ is our first taste of the album in its recorded form and it doesn’t disappoint those who have gotten used to their musical DNA. ‘Sacrilege’ is essentially a continuation of the sleekness that was It’s Blitz, which was probably the band’s most underrated album that exemplified their penchant for art pop and guitar rock best. Yet the song has hints of Fever To Tell’s lo-fi scrappiness, making it the best of both worlds to those who didn’t appreciate their last album as much.

With contribution by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, the single contains an explosion of a 20-man choir in its coda, further putting the band into the realms of pop. Maybe they’ve been listening to ‘Gimme Shelter’ one too many times. Maybe it’s sacrilege to some, but we are sure there’s a metatextual reasoning behind it. Dancey yet anchored in rock, Yeah Yeah Yeahs never lost it.