WTF: Datin Abuses Maid Walks Free; Man Who Stole 9 Lighters Set On RM15k Bail

(source: MalaysiaKini)

A Datin who has ‘repented’ escaped jail time after causing grievous physical and emotional hurt to an Indonesian domestic worker. In a report by The Star, Datin Rozita Mohamad Ali was charged with attempted murder of her maid, Suyanti Sutrinso, who was 19 at the time.

The Datin utilised a kitchen knife, a steel mop, a clothing hanger and an umbrella to abuse Sutrinso about two years ago. Now in 2018, Datin Rozita is sentenced to a good behaviour bond for five years by the Sessions Court in Petaling Jaya.

(source: The True Net)

Rozita had allegedly caused multiple injuries to the victim’s head, hands, legs and internal organs between 7am and 12pm on 21 Dec ’16. Deputy public prosecutor VV Suloshani said to Malaysiakini that the case was covered by international media and a video on the case was made viral on social media.

“This resulted in the country’s image to be tarnished, and it also affected the good relations between Indonesia and Malaysia. Apart from that, this case is among nine most tragic cases involving maid abuse in the country,” she said.

Rozita’s lawyer applied for the good behaviour bond as she had suffered from ‘extreme pressure and stress’ after she was charged in court, stating that she had repented.

(source: NST)

On the other hand, a mechanic from Pulau Gadong was charged with possession of nine units of multi-coloured lighters with KK logo emblazoned on them. According to New Straits Times , the accused is charged under Section 412 of the Penal Code and punishable under the same code, which carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

Earlier, Deputy Public Prosecutor Mazuin Hashim asked for a bail of RM20,000 for the accused. The 31 year old had no laywer and appealed for the bail amount to be reduced as he had to care for his elderly parents who were disabled. The court reduced the bail to RM15,000 and fixed April 3 as a future date and for the accused to hire a lawyer.

We are presented with two very different cases, but both with drastic outcomes. Even netizens are voicing out their worries on social media:

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