World’s Largest Site-Specific Light Artwork

source: Hypebeast

Miles away in the Emerald Isle (Ireland), spread all across the Connemara mountains lies a spectacular display which will leave you in absolute awe. This marvellously colourful exhibit of lights was made possible by a Finnish artist named Kari Kola who has installed the largest site-specific light artwork ever made.

Using 1,000 lights powered by 16 generators and sprawling over an estimated distance of three miles, Kari Kola calls this stunning masterpiece ‘Savage Beauty’ after taking inspiration from Oscar Wilde who used those same words to describe the Connemara mountains. The installation process was done through the use of a helicopter which helped to carefully position each of the lights in place.

source: The Irish Times

Originally intended for public viewing as part of the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture program, the event was unfortunately cancelled in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Thankfully for everybody’s sake, Kari Kola commissioned a team of videographers to document his work digitally for the entire world to enjoy.

Watch and be amazed:

Kari Kola shared some words on the official website of the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture program regarding his genius creation as well as the cancellation of the planned exhibit:

“Since I can’t paint, I paint with light. I’m also interested in light beyond its artistic value. Everything on the planet is based on light. I’m working with scientific projects and new, futuristic techniques. With abstract light, there are as many stories as there are viewers. If I can choose, I always work with nature because that’s the best art that we have. I am very disappointed that the public exhibition of this work had to be cancelled, but I hope that this digital edition will show how we played with scale in Connemara and created something that people would not expect.”

If the video alone wasn’t enough for you, treat yourselves to some lovely pictures taken off Kari Kola’s official Facebook page:

Impressed? Check out Kari Kola’s website for more breathtaking creations.

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