World Wide Which?: Flashing Lights

It may be Monday, but it’s never too early to daydream about the weekend. We’ve got the best sites to creep on other people’s party, find out what’s coming up and our favourite places to find biting commentary on pop culture! Oi, fame-hungry hipsters! Get ready for that close up.

Text: June Low

JUICE Online |
We just had to include this plug. If you’re reading this, then JUICE‘s online sister requires no introduction. On top of the street culture scene with various blog topics sparking off heated debates both on and offline, read it regularly to be one-up on what’s cool.

Vice Magazine |
Everything from pop culture to more serious news is treated with the same signature blithe and irreverent style of writing. The Do’s & Don’ts section is chock-a-block with hilarious commentary. It’s unforgiving and really quite a hoot.

The Cobra Snake |
Besides hanging out with Steve Aoki, Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake is responsible for spawning a new era of nightlife photography, turning a young Cory Kennedy into an internet celebrity almost overnight. Check out his latest photos to find out what’s hip. There’s also a cool collection of vintage clothes for sale on the site. Who knows, you might just get lucky tonight.

Last Night’s Party |
There are only so many beautiful hipsters flashing peace signs one can take. Hit up this site for some well-composed, arty shots, and close-ups of stuff you will love and want. There’s also nudity and women in compromising positions. Whether they were consensual at the point when the photos were taken, no one really bothers or remembers, which makes Last Night’s Party awesome.

Hipster Runoff |
With so many websites making hipsters look like higher beings, there must naturally be one or 2 to bring them back to reality. Hipster Runoff examines the hipster culture in a different light… Okay, we’re being kind. It just rips them to shreds and makes fun of them.

If you have time on your hands and you’re tired of going to the same sites, check out JUICE’s Time Wastes in our next post!