Women Should Play Dumb To Get Married Says Eye Doc Who Also Advised Mentally-Ill To Stop Taking Meds

Covid-19 Might Lead To A 'Mental Health Pandemic'
source: Forbes

Mental illness has become a popular topic of discussion as of late due to the unforgiving effects of the pandemic.

From joblessness to the maddening mundanity of having to stay isolated, many believe their state of mental well-being has deteriorated over the course of these past few months.

Some have even resorted to a heightened usage of substances and alcohol in order to cope with their turbulent mental health.

Pakar motivasi Muhaya Muhamad kongsi petua keibubapaan, Berita Gaya Hidup - BeritaHarian.sg
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This is why outrage sparked when Dr Muhaya Mohamad, an eye specialist and motivational speaker, shared her thoughts on mental illness that were not only insulting, but very detrimental to those who heed her advice.

In a video forum, the doctor told her audience to stop taking anxiety medication and instead repeat the mantra, “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy,” as a way of positive reinforcement.

According to her, admitting that you have anxiety will only worsen the illness and medication isn’t the proper solution. She also related the situation to religion by sharing that she would repeat an Islamic verse in order to stop her from showing anger.

Watch the clip below:

Naturally, the eye doctor received backlash for her harmful advice that completely ignores prescriptions given by actual medical professionals and psychiatrists adept with handling mental illness.

She issued an apology and admitted that she “generalised” the situation and spoke beyond her area of expertise.

While that issue has been put to rest, Dr Muhaya is making headlines again after a recent video of her telling women to dumb themselves down in order to land a husband.

Watch the clip below:

In this video, she praises men and their leadership, stating that women will always be subordinates to the male race despite their academical achievements and position at the workplace.

She urges women to stop trying to “liberate ourselves” and “be independent” because they would be increasing their testosterone hence prolonging their search for a partner.

Her advice for modern women looking for a husband is to be demure and dependent towards men for help. She sealed the statement by urging women to be dumb because according to her, that’s what men like.

Unsurprising to everyone, netizens did not like her advice since it was blatantly sexist and backwards in an ever-progressing society for women.

Due to her background in Islamic motivational speaking, her advice is commonly tinged with religious bias. Even so, many netizens clapped back by citing the numerous female Muslim scholars who did not need to “dumb themselves down” in order to find a partner.

Marrying a man who is only interested in using women as a prop for their success or tool to stroke their ego is the least of anyone’s concerns, especially in this day and age.

Being entirely submissive to someone and stripping yourselves of intellect will only make you vulnerable to mental, verbal and physical abuse which is why Dr Muhaya’s advice was so negatively received. It is not only erroneous, but incredibly harmful to her susceptible audience.

Be proud of your achievements and find a man who will respect you for all that you are. A husband should be on your level and neither above nor below it.