29 y/o Woman Pleads Guilty To Posing As Holy Messenger & Cheating Retiree Of RM8,750

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source: LawNow

The Magistrate’s Court handed down a 12-month prison sentence to a 29-year-old woman who professed to be a priestess and a goddess’ messenger and admitted to defrauding a retiree.

When the charge was presented to dishwasher N. Hemavathy in front of magistrate Mohamad Ibrahim Mohammad Ghulam on Tuesday (February 14), she did not contest the accusation.

Hemavathy was charged with committing the crime at Terminal One between October 26 and December 22. Based on the case’s findings, the accused approached the victim and informed him that she was aware of his 30-year devotion to the goddess and his generous donations to temples dedicated to the goddess’ name.

She continued by informing the victim that she had a “message” from the goddess who wished to increase his wealth and that he was fortunate to be the “chosen one”.

Image via Financial Times for illustration purposes only.

The accused further assured the victim that the goddess would provide him good health if he offered her money. The victim, Lai Chin Keong, gave in to her scheme and wired RM8,750 to her account.

She was prosecuted under Section 417 of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, a fine, or both.

The accused, however, requested for a lesser penalty given that she was repentant. She was represented by PA Krishnaveni from the Legal Aid Bureau.

source: Sharda Uni

Hemavathy mentioned that she is a divorcee and that she must support her siblings as well as her 10-year-old kid. She also hails from a poor household, where as a child, her father was the only employed individual.

She is also the second of seven children, and ultimately vowed not to repeat the act.

Nurul Muhaimin Mohd Azman, a deputy public prosecutor, requested the court to deliver a sentence that was adequate for the crime.

“The defendant pretended to be a priestess and messenger in order to trick a retiree. I also encourage the court to consider the public interest in sentencing the accused,” she asserted.