WATCH: Did This Woman Jump, Or Get Thrown Out Of a Black Myvi?

Source: Facebook

There are always two sides to a story, and no one can say for sure what actually happened unless they were on site. Here’s another case of he-said-she-said:

A video of a woman being “thrown” out of a car started circulating on Facebook yesterday. It was recorded on the dash cam of a family who witnessed the incident yesterday at 2:40pm.

According to the Facebook post, the family had been driving along University Selangor in Section 7, Shah Alam when they spotted a black Myvi displaying suspicious behaviour in front of them.

The Myvi was flashing its hazard lights right before a woman fell out of the passenger seat, onto the road. Fortunately, it seemed like there were no serious injuries sustained from the fall as the witness stopped his car in time.

The lady then got up and left the scene, whilst the Myvi was still parked near the traffic light with the passenger door left ajar.

Source: Facebook

The Facebook post included the caption saying it was “most likely a couple in love.”

“If you want to fight, please don’t do it in the middle of the road. If I had hit you it would have been a waste of life.”

Netizens also commented about the nature of the argument that caused the event of someone falling out of a car, be it jumped or pushed. In true Malaysian fashion, some say they were arguing about where to eat.

Source: Facebook

Metro TV reported that police are requesting people to not speculate the event until more details are revealed to open up an official investigation.