M’sian Woman Contemplates Ending Things With Her Partner Because He Only Brings Her To 1U For Dates

source: One World Hotel

If you live in the Klang Valley, chances are, you’ve been on a date or two at One Utama Shopping Centre. I mean, it is a pretty large mall (enough for people who are less familiar with the layout to get lost in it), but perhaps frequenting one particular spot for every outing with your partner can get quite tedious over time.

Such is the case for this Malaysian woman who expressed how she was tired of her man bringing her to 1U all the time on the Tan Tan Confessions Malaysia Facebook page.

His logic is pretty straightforward- he opts to drive to the closest mall because he and his partner reside in TTDI, and that mall just happens to be 1U. She noted that despite having four years of driving experience, he only dares to drive that far.

She also bemoaned how slowly he drives, saying, “He would reject anything a little further, like Ikea, The Curve, or Kepong. He travels at a speed of just 40 km/h. On occasion, I felt I could outpace his driving speed by simply walking.”

She suggested taking a Grab, although the man’s monthly salary of RM2,500 might make the costs prohibitive for him. The man also refused her offer to pay for the expenses of the ride.

source: Telegraph

Trouble in paradise doesn’t end there. The woman also wrote that when the pair is running late for work, where they are employed under the same company, the issue is exacerbated since the man continues to drive slowly at his customary speed. The woman claimed that she would drive independently if she could obtain a driver’s license.

Additionally, they both have experienced difficulty determining what to eat at 1U. The post states that the man would typically ask his girlfriend to choose their meals because he was “okay with anything” (the one lie all men tell).

“However, he wouldn’t be okay with this or that when we are perusing the menu, and ultimately, I would eat much more than him,” she wrote.

She continued to talk about how she wanted her boyfriend to offer some suggestions whenever she ran into problems at work, indicated that the pair do not mesh well together as colleagues as well. They’ve just been dating for three months, but she’s not sure if they should keep at it.

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