With This Blood Test, You Can Now Know When You’re Going To Die

I typed ‘sendu‘ into Google Image Search and this popped up. (source: malangtoday.net)

Okay y’all can stop with your “Bilalah aku nak mati?” tweets because scientists have now engineered a blood test that can determine, with 83% accuracy, exactly when you’re going to die.

Example of a cancer biomarker. (source: technologynetwork.com)

German specialists have found several biomarkers (genes or molecules that can identify disease) in our blood that can potentially influence our mortality. After testing the blood of over 44,000 people and analysing 14 varying factors, scientists are able to predict our death within the next 2-16 years.

In order to successfully know our exact year of death, the German specialists analysed the conventional factors of death, such as BMI, blood pressure and smoking in participants who were of European descent. The trial had set scores for the individuals where those who rated higher were most likely to die. Now, this is the only test an Asian would not want to excel at…

source: evaluate.com

I’m sure you’re dying (no pun intended) to test drive this new method of determining our impending perish, but you’re out of luck. This blood test has not been made available to the public just yet due to this infantile stage. Medical practitioners have stated that there is much to improve with the tests before it can be implemented into regular medical check-ups.

Since the experiment was performed with only European subjects, the results may vary when conducted on subjects from other continents. Dr Amanda Heslegrave, a researcher at the UK Dementia Research Institute at University College London, said,

“However, as it is limited by the fact that being only European data, it may not apply to other ethnic groups without further studies.”

So, when this blood test is released to the public, is it something you would try? Or would you rather live your life without knowing? Que sera sera..
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