Win Designer Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 by Stina Persson!

Microsoft Hardware continues their revolution in mouse design with the Artist Series of Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. Not content with just giving users form, function, and sleekness, they are now bringing artistic expression by 5 different renowned designers to your computer desk. Featuring BlueTrack Technology — the advanced tracking technology that works on virtually any surface — this mouse also includes a snap-in nano transceiver so it can easily remain plugged into the computer at all times, giving people portability and wireless freedom in a comfortable, compact mouse.

For this installation of our Microsoft Hardware contest, we are giving away 1 Stina Persson-designed mouse.  An artist inspired by her creative friends and surrounding thrift stores, the Stockholm-based artist is constantly searching to convey a balance between the edgy, the elegant, the beautiful and the raw. A true child of the ’70s, Stina finds inspiration in patterns and shapes in a variety of locations, ranging from ’70s fabrics she finds at flea markets to the leaves outside her studio window. Her home and studio in Stockholm are surrounded by trees — Stina says this integration of city and nature further inspires the creation of organic, colourful and interesting artwork. All of which translates into her design of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500.

Now you can win a piece of artwork from this acclaimed artist just by answering this simple question;

Q: What of nature inspires you and why?

Send your answers in by Friday 25 May 2012 along with your full nameIC and handphone number with the subject ‘Persson Wireless Mobile Mouse’ to [email protected]. Winners will be notified on the same day.