Win Designer Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 by Skwak!

Microsoft Hardware continues their revolution in mouse design with the Artist Series of Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. Not content with just giving users form, function, and sleekness, they are now bringing artistic expression by 5 different renowned designers to your computer desk. Featuring BlueTrack Technology — the advanced tracking technology that works on virtually any surface — this mouse also includes a snap-in nano transceiver so it can easily remain plugged into the computer at all times, giving people portability and wireless freedom in a comfortable, compact mouse.

French illustrator Skwak describes his artistic style as perpetually evolving — a huge playground, completely crazy, polluted, coloured and laidback. Though he lives in Lille, France, and works in Paris and Washington, D.C., he says these cities are just the places he lives — they aren’t the driving force behind his creativity. A practicing artist for eight years, Skwak states the biggest inspiration for his work is “the madness” and notes that the mice he designed for this series represent the synergy between the mechanical and the organic. Skwak prefers to utilise his computer and pen tablet to create his works, which often express, in his words, “this accumulation, this idea of suffocation.”

Now you can win a piece of artwork from this acclaimed artist just by answering this simple question;

Q: What is the connection between the mechanical and the organic?

Send your answers in by Friday 1 June 2012 along with your full nameIC and handphone number with the subject ‘Skwak Wireless Mobile Mouse’ to [email protected]. Winners will be notified on the same day.