Win Passes to Blow Up! @ Milk

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Milk is about to blow up again this Friday and just like last month, we have 20 passes to give away! Because the Eclectic Botz guys are generous saints, each pass is worth a plus 3 (before 12am), 1 complimentary whiskey/vodka jug and each of your plus 3 is entitled to 2 complimentary drinks (no beer).

Date 6 January 2012
Time 10pm
Venue Milk, Bangsar

This month’s Blow Up! sees an outbreak of ViciousZombies within the Proxy of Milk but don’t panic just yet, superheroes Eclectic Botz are on the defense!

UFOs may have landed in your backyard, penguins are probably flying over the icebergs, but one thing’s for sure, Eclectic Botz is bringing back the infamous BLOW UP to cause some damage to your bladder! No we ain’t joking! Your kidney needs the presence of Duck Sauce. Your lungs seem to be filled with Afrojack. And your eyes are tainted with Fake Blood! Doctor stresses that you need some Laidback Luke. The day is set, so get high with your dosage of JUICE and MILK by Eclectic Botz!

To win a pass, answer this question;

Q: What would you do in a zombie outbreak?

Send your answer along with your full name, IC and handphone number with the subject ‘Blow Up! @ Milk’ to [email protected] by the end of 5 January 2012.

Winners will be notified early Friday 6 January 2012.