Whisky Tasting for The Uninitiated

Being the plebeians that we are, when it comes to drinking we are more content with getting drunk from downing unsophisticated beer. Never expanding our horizon to something a little more cultured. Thanks to Glenmorangie though, we feel slightly educated and all classy-like after their whisky tasting session.

Presenting us with 4 samples of their bottles – the Original, the Lasanta, the Quinta Ruban and the Nectar D’Or – we are given a crash course on how to properly taste single malt Scotch whisky. The host makes it clear that what he’s about to make us do is not necessarily the proper way to drink whisky. We could easily have the whisky on the rocks, with added water or any way we choose to, but for us to truly understand the complex aroma, taste and finish (terms we were previously unfamiliar with) of Scotch whisky – we need to put our pretentious top hat on, twirl our ironic hipster moustaches and do some tasting.

Tasting, as we find out, is quite easy. The first step is to have a whiff of the drink, either swirl or dilute it with water first before taking in all the aromas permeating from the whisky. Note what is detected. Then take a large sip and roll it over your tongue… okay that’s enough to bore you already. Trust us though, once you tasted the lingering sweetness of delicious juices of the Original or the lasting minty dark chocolate of the Quinta Ruban, you wouldn’t want to drink whisky any other way.

But of course that didn’t stop us from resuming drinking normally after the session. J

Glenmorangie Tasting Session was held at Aristo & Roof Garden on 26 July 2011.