What’s The Motive Here? Bra & Underwear Left in Theft Victim’s Car

(source: BH)

In a report by Harian Metro, a woman was surprised to discover a pair of underwear and bra in the dashboard of her car after it was broken into last Sunday at Taman Senangin, Kulim.

Noorhazlin Mohamad Saad, 38, stated that she did not realise her car was broken into the night before. Upon checking the morning after, the dashboard was opened and the car was untidy.

She assumed that her kids made the mess but when she found the two items specifically placed in the dashboard, she knew something was wrong. Besides the two weird items, the perpetrator stole a small amount of her son’s money that was left in the car.

It is learnt that on the same night, her neighbour was also a victim of theft. They lost RM500 and a smartphone that was in their car. When Noorhazlin asked her neighbour regarding the underwear and bra, they were unaware of the matter.

She reported the incident at a police station right after as it left her a bit confused and scared.

“It’s very strange knowing that the thief left an underwear and bra in my car. I’m worried if the perpetrator has a mental issue or is a sex addict for leaving these items,” she said to HM.

Kulim’s Regional Superintendent of Police, Ahmad Nasir Jaafar is working on the bizarre case as of now.

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