What Went Down: Vans Pres. Go Skateboarding Day ’15 @ Dang Wangi LRT Station

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Two weeks ago — Saturday 21 June to be exact — was the international Vans Go Skateboarding Day, and even though the event fell during the Ramadan month, it did not deter the event from occurring as it did for four previous years. Therefore, for the very first time, the event was held at night to accommodate the majority of the local skate community. This year’s event also drew a larger crowd of skateboarders and skate and Vans enthusiasts as it saw 600 people congregating at Dang Wangi LRT Station. As usual, there were people of varying ages with one even as young as eight years old! It’s never too young to start, no?

Another aspect that was added to this year’s largest nationwide celebration of skateboarding was that three local skate crews competed to build the best skate ramp where the ultimate winner was chosen via fan vote as well as judges from the Vans Skate Team. The skate crews in question were the Bukit Kiara crew, Shah Alam crew, and the Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP) crew — the respective crews really had to exercise the true ethos of the DIY spirit as they had to conceive, design, gather materials, and build the ramps, but of course they had plenty of help from their friends. The judging criteria included creativity and the level of fun had by the skateboarders while on the ramps.

The day wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the skateboarding competition as well, but as the local skate crews had spent so much effort on the building of the ramps, it would only be appropriate for the contestants to take turns on the three different skate ramps. This year’s format was based on the ‘Best Trick’ — the participants had to perform and execute their tricks that demonstrated finesse, but they also had to land cleanly in order to earn points. In the end, the top three winners won cash prices where the champ received a total of RM2,500. The event ended with a Skate Sahur where the skaters travelled around the streets of KL on their boards.

Vans Presents Go Skateboarding Day went down on Saturday 20 June ’15. 

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