What Went Down: Sibling Skateboards Roll Up Tour @ Penang, Kedah & Perak

Text Munir Muhammad
Videos + Images Sibling Skateboards

Skateboarding and traveling have always been related to each other. It’s where skaters got to meet other skaters from other parts of the world to connect and share their passion. It is also related as some of the street skate spots are only available at specific places that may not be within the skater’s general residency. Sibling Skateboards know this better than anyone else. Recently they teamed up with DC SHOES Malaysia for the second series of their collaborative skate tour – the Roll Up Tour. With a purpose to shoot a tour video available online, Sibling Skateboards hope Roll Up Tour will shed some light of the subculture on those uninitiated.

Skate videos are completely different from commercial videos. For one, skate movies are usually shot guerrilla style where more often than not, we don’t have the time, necessary permits, and exact locations set. We keep it to the streets because we believe that streets belong to the public. You won’t know when and where the skaters could land their tricks. Heck, we might even be kicked out by security before we can do that.

The timeframe of the tour was set for 9 days and 8 nights from 9 March to 17 March, in which we travelled to to Penang, Kedah, and Perak. The tour was joined by 9 of the best skaters in Malaysia who were from Sibling Skateboards & DC Shoes (Malaysia) respectively, together with 2 skateboard videographers and 1 skateboard photographer. A 12-Seater van was arranged for the tour to bring them to all the skate spots and skateparks.

It was 9 days of hardcore skateboarding for the skaters as they were made to skate as early as 9am while and ended the skate session way late at 3am. Thousands kilometres were traversed to find the great street spots to skate all over the states. From one location to another location, skaters jumped and grinded over stairs, curbs, and handrails on the streets just to get footages for the videos. It was insane!

Overall, we had a great time during the skate tour. North of Malaysia had many things to offer. From the scenic places, friendly peoples, delicious local foods and of course, amazing locales to go skate!

Sibling Skateboards Roll Up Tour happened from 9 to 17 March 2012 in Penang, Kedah, and Perak. Find pictures of the tour here and more on Sibling Skateboards here.