What Went Down: KC & Friends Pool Party with Ian Carey [USA] @ The Pool KL

Text Scott Ng

It’s the Sunday before not one, but two public holidays thanks to Hari Raya, the streets are clear, and the night is young. Sure, the party may have started at 4pm after some light rain in town, but we figure being fashionably late to a pool party isn’t too much of a faux pas considering the light-hearted mood that’s always in the air before a nice long public holiday. That being said, the KC & Friends Pool Party, featuring the one and only Ian Carey [USA], joined by local acts H3, Sona One, DJ Dayshavoo, and more was more than rocking the house by the time we reached The Pool after several misadventures down Jalan Ampang thanks to a particularly frustrating bout with Google Maps.

We stepped into the hallway of The Pool, where a long line of partygoers was still waiting to get in, and we have to say we were pretty surprised to see a rather foreign crowd at the door- though we suppose they too figured they’d have their fun on the town while on holiday. Stepping into the club proper though, we found the pool in the middle of the venue filled with Abercrombie & Fitch types happily splashing about, to a rather appreciative audience. Eye candy for all seemed to be the order of the night, and God forbid you take off your shirt to unveil anything less than a six pack, though we do applaud the few brave souls who did so.

H3 was spinning a fantastic set of electro tunes, and an appreciative audience was either strutting their stuff on the catwalk in the middle of the pool, or enthusiastically indulging in various mating rituals out on the dance floor. Taking up residence in the VIP area sipping on our little glass of rum, it’s hard not to appreciate what we have to say was one of the cooler parties we’ve ever been to-a pool adds instant swag to any party, and H3’s dubstep is just the perfect touch for anyone looking to cut loose on the floor.

Ian Carey took over the decks around 11pm, spinning smooth house tunes as increasingly intoxicated revelers continued dropping into the pool, some fully clothed, and more than occasionally drink in hand. We’re kind of convinced that taking a dunk in the water at the end of the night probably would have hit you harder in the head than one of Barsonic’s Long Island Iced Teas, and the hangover the next morning might find a tiger in your bathroom as well. We recognized Ian spinning his two recent hits ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Last Night’, as well as breaking out the instant crowd-pleaser, The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’, which was enthusiastically welcomed by all in attendance.

All in all, we have to say it was a pretty good night out and wonderfully opportunistic way to spend the night before the Raya holidays if you weren’t one of those preparing to head back to the kampong.

JUICE would also recommend that you check the water the next time you’re at The Pool. A quick dive could save you drinking money if you’re lucky.

KC & Friends Pool Party with Ian Carey happened on Sunday 19 August 2012 at The Pool KL. For more pictures, click here.