What Went Down: Johnnie Walker The Celebration Lounge @ Avalon Club

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JW_The Celebration Lounge_G

Although the event had occurred a couple weeks ago, one distinct thing that we remember is that everything we saw, drank, and touched was dripped in the thematic colour of gold in accordance to the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, as it kicked off its first of many exclusive parties.

Before we were ushered into Avalon Club Lounge, we were led into the very posh speakeasy, Ikki Bar, for some drinks. The Johnnie Walker cocktail came served in a golden goblet; the sophisticated bar was a relaxing place to recuperate after a long day’s work and to energise oneself before bracing for the impending party. We reluctantly bid adieu to Ikki Bar as we were then brought to the main event — The Celebration Lounge where girls and boys in holographic gold space-agey costumes were strewn everywhere.

JW_The Celebration Lounge_C

After finally getting a drink, two dudes inexplicably stood behind us — face stern, biceps exposed, silent. It was very odd, we thought we were imagining things in the dark, but they were suddenly shooting canons of fireworks that were dangerously close to their faces. Again, very odd sighting. But maybe we were tipsily fixated on something that shouldn’t be given much attention otherwise. Anyway, the canons of sparks introduced waiters who presented us with two bottles of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve in an amber egg-like contraption. The scotch whiskey continued to flow into glasses, and the space-agey girls danced their choreography, and DJs spun their sets while everyone drank merrily.

It was a great party — everything was well-coordinated, and being surrounded by gold made us feel like we were partying like ancient Egyptians, or how we imagined them in our minds. Also, having unlimited amounts of the Gold Label Reserve just sent the luxury aspect over the edge.

JW_The Celebration Lounge_A

JW_The Celebration Lounge_B

The Johnnie Walker The Celebration Lounge @ Avalon Club Lounge went down on Thursday 3 December ’15. To find out where’s the next party, keep up to date with news here.