What Went Down: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve pres. DJ Smith Agent Smith @ Vertigo

Having played at Black Circuit Lounge before, Johnnie Walker favourite Smith Agent Smith came down again for a smaller scale but just as intense of a party at Vertigo — it was almost a microcosm of a typical Black Circuit Lounge party. And of course this being a Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve event, they spared no expense.  Adorned with gold and with fluttery lights bathing the space, it was extravagant without being too over the top.

Guests were given Johnnie Walker’s signature fresh Gold cocktails served in swagging champagne flutes while those who were cool enough to be in VIP area were indulged with bottles of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

Vertigo’s staple DJs DJ Eva T and Ernest were joined by their MC stalwart Sean Beazie, all of whom created a trinity that set the mood for the night with a mix of urban genres — r’n’b and hip hop — fused with some electro. Being residents of Vertigo’s Holy Chic! nights, punters were already all too familiar with the trio, which made it all the easier for them to get friendly (and down and dirty) on the dancefloor. As good as they were though, we all knew who everyone was there for as soon as their set came to a close, which preempted an explosion of golden confetti, seemingly conjuring Smith Agent Smith behind the decks. This was all cued by the crowd’s roaring cheers. Smith displayed his penchant for trading traditional DJ approach with with his ability to create new remixes and mash-ups live in Vertigo whilst still manoeuvring between songs, tempos and genres seamlessly.

Johnnie Walker went HAM that night, aside from having beautiful models displaying their Gold Label Reserve bottles, they also brought their 1.75l Magnums to the party — making Vertigo the first Malaysian club to offer the ultimate status symbol of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

Brought to you by Johnnie Walker, Smith Agent Smith spun at Vertigo on Friday 28 September 2012. For more pictures of the event, click here.