What Went Down: Jacob’s Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort & Hotel


Here at JUICE, we all drink – some of us stay within the means of our liver’s functionality, other people in our team would probably have to take medication for their ailing, hardened organ. Wine is an inherently sophisticated drink that we don’t possess the class or knowledge to understand its multitude of notes, flavours, and aromas to fully discern its complexities. Even so, we are well familiar with Jacob’s Creek and its noted quality, so when the invitation for a wine pairing dinner was extended, we easily accepted it.

Arriving at The Club @ Saujana Resort and Hotel, the restaurant was decorated as if it were a wedding reception. Stretches of tables were decorated with soft-coloured roses, lit block candles seated on planes of mirrors, empty wine glasses, and all the gentle fragility were punctuated by deep forest green napkins – the table setting was very pretty. We walked around to peruse the wines presented by the bar, which were later served to us for our five-course dinner.

The host of the night was brand ambassador Jenny Rothenberg who imparted some information on the wine that accompanied each dish. One of the two tips we remembered was that each of us have varied amount of taste buds on our tongues, therefore there is no definite choice as to which wine is considered the best – it all depends on personal taste. Secondly, riesling is wine that should be kept at least for another ten years in storage as it truly gets better with time.

Aside from the wine talk, dinner was delicious. The white tomato smoked rolled quail in young coconut broth was astounding. The milky broth was delicately sweet as introduced by the silvers of coconut flesh; the dish was paired with Jacob’s Creek Reeves Point Chardonnay. The Centenary Hill Shiraz was paired with the grilled Black Angus beef tenderloin, along with a rectangle of mushroom polenta and vegetables. For dessert, we had the Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet with a decadent royale chocolate gateaux with berries.

We thank Ms Jenny Rothenberg for the wine wisdom she shared, so now we can use that information about forgetting your bottle of riesling for a decade until its consumption date when we find ourselves in the mundanity of small talk at events.






Jacob’s Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner went down on Tuesday 5 April ’16 at The Club @ Saujana Resort & Hotel.