What Went Down: Global Sound System ’13 @ Welcome Centre, Sepang International Circuit

Despite the amount of raves here on a yearly basis, there’s not a lot of events for serious EDM enthusiasts. Global Sound Masters’ Music Conference ASIA is the sole purveyor of dance music as serious art, business, and general fist-pumping f*ckery, of course. With 3 legendary acts, Judge Jules, BT, and Felix Da Housecat, their 5th year continued that established ethos of educating and giving punters a good time. Revamped this year, the event is separated by 2 names – Music Conference ASIA being the, well, conference part while Global Sound System acted as the after party, or festival rather. Personally, JUICE is of the opinion that they are the underdog of Sepang-based dance festivals, especially considering this year’s lineup.