What Went Down: Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Secret Party @ Rooftop, Pensonic

The first Fred Perry x Twilight Actiongirl (TAG) event last year was one of the best parties we attended in 2011, this year’s on the other hand is the best party we attended in 2012 thus far. Maybe that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but as we ascended to the venue’s rooftop via an industrial lift ala Inception – like going into the subconscious of DJ Bunga himself – we can only react in a manner as over the top as the party itself was.

DJ Bunga’s subconscious, as it turned out, was full of hipsters (in lieu of ah lians as one mutual friend expected), which wasn’t a bad thing considering JUICE is a hipster magazine. We fitted right in with the crowd, fully in acceptance of our hipsterdom instead of continuing the vicious cycle that is hipster-on-hipster hate crime. Familiar faces from the in-crowd were in abundance; from Liyana Fizi, Tenderfist, Sona One, Arabyrd to those Lah Lah Land peeps (one of whom looked like Tim Burton by way of Harajuku).

Being Kuala Lumpur, there was a lack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, although Asahi made for the ideal hip beer (they should really consider marketing themselves to this demographic). Cooler still, the beer cans were placed in a cut off water tank. Jägermeister was also on free flow, aiding us greatly in getting to sloshed city. We were particularly fond of the chocolate milkshake concoction, a bit on the pussy side some cro-magnons might opine but hey, we’re hipsters.

Properly starting at 6pm (although door was opened by 5pm), the rooftop venue made for quite an atmospheric setting, especially during the twilight of the evening as Narmi crooned a cover of Gotye. To paraphrase a male acquaintance; he had an angelic voice. Guess he really was what men want? Just trolling, guys.

The twilight phase was continued by Box Focal as the crowd was busy indulging in free drinks, food, and beer pong (yep, there were 2 ping pong tables too). Perhaps they were too slow for a party set on a rooftop. Luckily Enterprise, quickly becoming not just our favourite but the crowd’s too, fared way better as they delivered a performance that really got people dancing. Their trademarked synth-heavy grooves and repetitive vocals were made for parties, and it showed here.

Current it-DJ collective Deer Society took up the decks and held the party the best they can; if you ever been to Daikanyama on a Saturday night, you know we meant they were the sh*t. But of course the new guys were just making way for their seniors, TAG. Spinning a good mix of their regular mainstays (like Joy Division) and newer buzz bands, TAG got the crowd firmly grasped in their hands — and when Bunga got on the console we were reminded of the heydays of TAG nights.

We have no idea what the TAG boys and Fred Perry are planning for their next party, topping this year’s is going to be a tall order. Nevertheless, our arse is going to be there. Consider this an early RSVP from us.

Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Secret Party happened on 23 June 2012. For pictures of the event, click here.