What Went Down: Chivas Regal Extra: Welcome To The Next Level @ The Glasshouse, Seputeh


To announce the launch of the latest addition to Chivas’ premium range of Scotch whiskies — Chivas Regal Extra — they’ve managed to embody and materialise the rich and generous brand ethos into a swanky party at a magnificent estate in Seputeh.

When entering the party, we were greeted by ladies who offered us headphones for a guided 3D heritage appreciation experience of the renowned brand, which we quickly abandoned due to the external noise from arriving guests, and of course, the open bar where we tried the whiskey on its own and in three other cocktails — all delicious. Aside from the beverages, the gentlemen in attendance could opt to have a quick grooming session by Truefitt & Hill, whereas everyone had the opportunity to receive a personalised memento or two in the forms of either a leather passport holder or a Chivas Regal Extra rock glass.


After mingling around, we found ourselves ushered into a curtained room with a tray of fruits and textiles displayed in front us along with a glass of Chivas Regal Extra, then only we discovered we were attending a tasting. The sommelier guided us through a sensory passage of dissecting the aromas, flavours, and colour of the whiskey. The tray of ingredients — vanilla, poached pear, caramel, ginger, cinnamon, and almonds — had foretold the entire tasting experience, but we sat through the session still.

If you had the chance to attend any alcohol-related launches or parties, you would have predicted the routine of odd acrobatic/nigh interpretive dancers which are then followed by speeches delivered by high-ranking executives and directors of the brand. Even so, we respectfully tried to pay attention until they distributed miniature Chivas Regal Extras to everyone — by far the best token from the night.

Chivas Regal Extra: Welcome To The Next Level went down on Thursday 26 November ‘15.