What Happens If Our Everyday Ointments Had a Pokemon Makeover?

Pokemon are basically sentient pets that look cool and can do cool stuff! Whether or not you battle them to make them more powerful doesn’t really matter – having a sentient pet with abilities would be incredible. It’s also a big part of our childhood just like most Malaysian kids out there.

Another big part of our childhood that all of us can relate to is our mums having an ointment for every injury! From Vaporeon rub to Mopika, they’re always the go-to medicine in our cabinets. Now, these two essential parts of our childhood have come together thanks to a Singaporean artist that goes by the name @d.atlastudio on Instagram.

The artist recently posted a series of Pokemon-themed ointment pins on their Instagram page! Who doesn’t love a good illustration mash-up? Scroll down to see how cute they are:







Want to rep your Asian pride with these pins? Catch ’em all at their Kickstarter, here

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