We Calculated Everywhere You Can Drive With “One Year’s Supply” Of Free Petrol

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How awesome would it be to get free petrol for a year?

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Now you can with IJM Land’s latest campaign ‘Fuel Good‘!

In celebration of IJM Land winning the Platinum at the Putra Brand Awards, and The Edge Top 10 Developer again, the powerhouse developer wants to ‘Tank You’. (Teehee)

From now until 29 February 2020, any purchase of an IJM Land property will be rewarded with free petrol as well as 1-year ALLIANZ Personal Accident coverage.

You can get 500,000 petrol points worth RM7,500. That’s a lot of petrol! In fact, it’s pretty hard to wrap your head around that amount.

What exactly does 1 year’s worth of petrol look like? Let’s break it down:

For RM7,500, you can buy RON95 at RM2.08, that’s a total of 3,605 litres. Taking the average estimate that a car can travel 6km with 1 litre of petrol, you could travel 21,630km.

Jom, let’s see where you can go!

1. You won’t have to pay for your commute to and from work

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This is a no-brainer! Let’s say you spend an average of RM65 a week just to get to work, that’s a total of RM3,380. You’ll still have RM4,120 worth of petrol points to enjoy!

2. Are you from Johor Bahru? Because you can balik kampung from KL around 32 times in a year.

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Imagine driving home to eat mee rebus, kacang pol, and laksa Johor more than twice a month without having to pay for petrol lol.

3. How about Kelantan? We estimate you’ll be able to travel from KL to Kota Bharu at least 24 times!

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And that includes the journey back, ya know? Crazy!

4. You could go on the ultimate road trip through Borneo, starting from Kuching and ending in Semporna

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Taking the Pan-Borneo Highway, this epic road trip is around 1,589km long. Even if you detour for scenic stops at places like Sibu Central Market and Kinabalu Park, you’ve still got over 20,000km of fuel left!

5. You can drive 11 laps around Peninsular Malaysia lol

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If you start from Johor Bahru and head north to Kangar, then over to Kota Bharu, and back down again to JB, that’s around 1,913km.

With 21,630km worth of free petrol, you could circle the peninsular 11 times.

6. Too far? You can drive around the world’s largest roundabout in Putrajaya 6,180 times!

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Why would anyone wanna do this? We have no idea! But you can haha. Did you know Persiaran Sultan Sallahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in Putrajaya is a record-holding 3.5km in diametre?

7. Travel up and down Cameron Highlands from Kuantan 30 times

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Cameron Highlands is 90km from Ipoh, 200km from KL, and 355km from Kuantan. If you are what you eat, you gon’ be a strawberry.

8. Hit the Sepang International Circuit to fulfill your racing fantasy… 8,287 times

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Daytona 500 is 200 laps long and considered the most important and prestigious race in NASCAR. But that ain’t nothing compared to this…

Sepang Circuit is 2.61km long, meaning you can do 8,287 laps with a year’s worth of free petrol. Vroom vroom!

9. And you don’t have to keep it all in Malaysia, take a road trip to Hat Yai in Thailand or head south to visit Singapore

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It’s 534km (around RM178) from KL to Hat Yai and 350km (around RM116) from KL to Singapore.

So if you really wanted to, you could enjoy road trips to Hat Yai 10 times a year or to Singapore 30 times a year. :O


Imagine all the possibilities with a year’s supply of free petrol…

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From now ’til 29 February 2020, you’ll be rewarded with free petrol points and 1-year ALLIANZ Personal Accident coverage when you purchase a home with IJM Land’s ‘Fuel Good’ campaign

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Get more information and view all the participating properties in IJM Land’s ‘Fuel Good’ campaign here.