WATCH: When Your Friend Tries To Convince You To Do The Wrong Thing…

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We all have that one friend that always tries to get us to do naughty things haihhhh

We know we shouldn’t, but it’s hard to not give in to peer pressure. Especially back during school, the naughty kids were always the “cool ones”. Sometimes, it’s just harmless little things, but sometimes, you can really get into big trouble, eeep!

Watch the video below to see how wrong things can go:

From cheating on exams to curi-curi selling things on the side, that friend really gets away with everything man

source: SAYS

You try your best not to be like him… but it’s so susah to ignore that devil on your shoulder telling you that you’ll never be as cool as him

source: SAYS

Devil: “He was always so cool and fun, though. You’re definitely not as cool as him.”

So, when he comes up to you with an irresistible offer, it’s reaaaaally hard to say no! Especially when all your other friends are doing it too. So tempting la weiii.

source: SAYS

Mark: “Eh bro, you know you always say you don’t have money, I can help you out, you know? You see Micheal over there? I made him RM300, you know. This game is super easy! You in or not?

But when things go wrong, it’s you who ends up on the chopping block. ‘Cause at the end of the day, that “friend” will always bail and leave you to kena by yourself. T__T

source: SAYS

Undercover police officer: “I hope you know what you just got yourself into. You’re under arrest for illegal gambling, and have the right to remain silent.”

Tom: “But… but… what? Mark said this was okay. Right, Mark? Mark?!”

Was it worth it? NOPE! NOT AT ALL! Why did you even do something so dumb in the first place ughhhh, major regrets.

source: SAYS

Devil: “So… that wasn’t worth it.”

Angel: “Oh really?! NOW you’ve come to your senses!”

When it comes to illegal gambling, no matter how tempting the rewards may seem, always remember that it’s #NotWorthIt

Image via Not Worth It / Facebook

Illegal gambling may seem harmless, and hey, can make money mah, so what’s the big deal? But in reality, it can land you in some serious hot water, the consequences that come with illegal gambling are no joking matter.

Not only can getting addicted to it ruin your life, it can also negatively impact your loved ones who have to watch you suffer or even face consequences themselves. Not to mention, if you’re caught, you’ll be facing some huge fines and maybe even jail time!

Stop before it’s too late. Learn more about how we can curb illegal gambling together at Not Worth It, a group determined to curb the harmful effects of illegal gambling in Malaysia.

Together, we can curb illegal gambling because #YouAreWorthIt and #IllegalGamblingisNotWorthIt.

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