WATCH: UPM Investigates Staff Who Went Viral For Shouting “I Pray You Get COVID” in Road Rage

(source: Lowyat/Twitter)

Recently, Twitter user @Fadzmin_ or Fadzli Amin became a victim of road rage after he honked at a woman who made an illegal u-turn on a road in Serdang. The woman, who claimed to be a doctor and showed him her stethoscope during the argument, turned out to be a professor from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This sounds strangely like a joke from Dr Jason Leong’s Netflix special…

The woman who has been identified as Bahariah Khalid was caught red-handed on video and since then went viral for her outrage. She can be seen making the illegal u-turn and screaming profanities right after while also shouting “I hope you get COVID” at Fadzli who happened to have a dashcam.

Since the time of writing, the two videos uploaded by Fadzli combined have garnered more than 2 million views.

Watch the clips here: 

Yesterday (3 Feb), UPM addressed the issue by posting a statement on Facebook. The Director of the Centre for Strategy and Corporate Relations said that they are taking the matter seriously and that an investigation will be conducted for further action.

“UPM takes this matter seriously and her (the woman’s) personal spontaneous reaction and code of conduct does not at all reflect the principles and ethics that UPM staff should apply. In this regard, this matter is under investigation by UPM for further action,” the statement said.

Besides that, Bahariah has also come forward with an “apology” in an Instagram post. She wrote in the caption, “If I am wrong, I’m sorry. If I am right, I forgive everyone”. According to Fadzli today (4 Feb), Bahariah has lodged a police report over him for driving recklessly and using harsh words, he will be reporting to IPD this evening.

Let’s take a look at what some Malaysians have to say: