WATCH: The Viral Brawl Over Parked Helicopter Between A Datuk & Datuk Seri Has Been Resolved

Screenshot from the viral video (source: FMT)

Why are all the Datuks so angry nowadays?

Recently, a 38-second clip which shows two men – one believed to be a Datuk Seri and the other a Datuk – quarrelling over a parked helicopter at a Puchong home has gone viral on social media platforms.

The video started with a man walking into the premises of another man’s house to ask why he had parked the helicopter at the porch. The conversation goes: “Hello ‘Datuk Seri’, you park car, motorcycle at home… now a helicopter.” (sic)

Before shouting profanities, the owner was heard saying in Hokkien, “Me parking the helicopter here is none of your business. You are only a Datuk, don’t be arrogant”. The quarrel continued before a younger man in a black t-shirt came out of the house and separated the two.

Watch it here: 

After a quick check-up, the police decided to not open an investigation into the incident, adding that it is not an offence to park a helicopter at one’s own home.

According to FMT, Serdang district police chief Razali Abu Samah said, “I went to his house (the man with the helicopter) this morning (28 Jan) and everything is alright. They are friends who were drinking last night and it was just a misunderstanding”.

According to China Press, the owner of the helicopter is Datuk Seri Paul Lim Lean Soon, who is the founder of Desire Fly Aviation Club, an aviation training institute in Subang Jaya.

(source: China Press)

He said that the helicopter parked in his porch was placed there due to a commercial video shoot. He further explained that some of his friends visited his home and took some pictures with the helicopter. As a result, handprints were left on the helicopter, so he decided to wipe and clean it.

At that point of time, his neighbour had been drinking in front of his house, but Datuk Seri Lim said he did not expect his neighbour to come over and yell at him.

He also didn’t expect that his other neighbours would film the commotion, which made him “popular” overnight, although he doesn’t think that it’s an honourable thing.