WATCH: This Music Video Shows That M’sian Politicians Are Human Too


Happy 10th Anniversary to Warga, Azmyl Yunor’s bilingual folk album that incorporates gritty vocals detailing nuanced Malaysian experiences and pop culture references while being complemented by the sound of acoustic guitar and banjo against a modern rock ensemble.

As a trip down memory lane, Yunor released the music video for ‘Let It Come’ which offers viewers a glance into what could be a young politician’s life and the everyday stresses and turbulence of someone in Malaysian politics.

source: Azmyl Yunor / Youtube

The scenic music video was also a way to celebrate local talents in the filmmaking industry which is evident through the gorgeous shots and framing that perfectly encapsulate the way the protagonist is feeling.

The video was conceptualised, shot and directed by film student, Emily Ong Shuyi.

source: Azmyl Yunor/Youtube

Essentially, the video for ‘Let It Come’ shows a young politician who is struggling to keep up with the demands of his job. He sits on a lone bench in a park, clearly distraught while eating a measly sandwich before deciding to play truant from his responsibilities. We then follow him as he travels around the city, showing us the richness of Malaysian culture. He picks up ice-cream bars, rides the train and goes through more than just a few cigarettes while wandering around, almost aimlessly.

In Italian, there’s a phrase, Dolce far Niente, which means ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’. In this music video, as the protagonist bounces up and down a swing, forgetting his worries, we truly see the indulgence of doing absolutely nothing.

Watch the video below:

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