Watch This: monoloQue’s ‘Kupu-Kupu Malam (Bunyikan Semboyan)’

The highlight of monoLoque’s seminal debut album, Hikayat Halimunan Abad ke-21 Jejak Tanah, just received a video treatment that would satisfy b-movie fans. ‘Kupu-kupu Malam (Bunyikan Semboyan)’ starts off innocently enough (well, as innocent as visiting a whore can get) before it marries the vampire prostitute of dingy urban structures trope with our traditional horror folklore of Pontianak (and a bit of Orang Bunian too).  It’s risqué, gory, and scary — the kind of video we didn’t expect to see coming from a local act.

Word has it that it was inspired by the video to Corporate Occult’s ‘Huoratron’, although after watching that we were somewhat disappointed there wasn’t any Pontianak-perpetrated tentacle rape in Loque’s video.

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