WATCH: “Stressed” Dato’ Punches Woman For Honking at Him in Carpark Then Returns With Knife

(Facebook : Snow Kwong on Facebook)

A Facebook user, Snow Kwong, recently shared an incident about how she was assaulted by a man who is allegedly a Dato’, while driving back home at Amadesa Resort Condominium’s car park.

This incident happened on 16/12/2020 around 8 pm at Amadesa Resort Condominium, Jalan 5/125, Taman Desa Petaling, 57000…

Posted by SnOw Kwong on Thursday, December 17, 2020

Following her Facebook post, it all started when she had honked at a dark blue Mercedes Benz who was obstructing traffic at the entrance of the car park. The car finally moved out of the way and Snow proceeded to park car her in her lot.

Little did she know that her honk would lead to a nightmare.

After locking her car and making her way to the lift, a man in his 50’s approached and confronted her – asking if she was the one who honked earlier. She admitted to it, explaining she had waited awhile for him to move. Upon her reply, he was furious and started grabbing her hair and punching her continuously.

Terrified, she ran behind a car to hide and called her father while the attacker walked away to his home as if nothing had happened.

The beating had caused her mouth and gums to swell up badly as she is wearing braces. She also had a massive headache and feared a concussion.

(Source: Snow Kwong on Facebook)

When Snow’s father arrived, she explained what had happened and called the police for help. While waiting for the police to arrive, a guard managed to bring the attacker down to the car park.

The attacker came down with his two sons and with a chopping knife hidden behind his back. Luckily, an eyewitness managed to snap a picture of the concealed weapon.

Snow’s father asked the man why he had hit his daughter, only for the man to flare up and reply, “She deserves the beating/punching because she honk at him.” Then, assaulter tried to attack again but was held back by his sons. He also threw the chopping knife away when the police arrived but was arrested later on.

(Snow Kwong on Facebook)

Upon returning home after making a police report and getting a full-body examination at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (HUKM) for her injuries, Snow’s mother said that the sons of the attacker had contacted her to apologise and request for Snow to not press charges as their father was “stressed”.

At the end of her FB post, Snow did not take too kindly to the man’s excuse. She asked, “If I lost my life, does that mean an apology from the sons accommodate the loss of my parents for my death?”

As of now, the case has been handed over to the police.

(Source: Snow Kwong On Facebook)

Snow also mentioned that the man might be a Dato’ according to the “Dato’ badge” on his car plate, and added that she’s afraid he might getaway easily as the fine is just “small money to him compared to a civilian like me who suffered bodily injuries.”

As he did not use any weapon, he can only be charged for assault. According to Snow based on what the police told her, if he is charged under section 323 of the Penal Code, he will receive maximum 1-year imprisonment or maximum RM2,000 fine, or both, depending on the court’s decision.