WATCH: Nike Shows You How to Reject Angpao

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source: Nike/YouTube

The titan company Nike released ad online about a girl who refuses to accept an angpao from her aunty. It garnered praises for highlighting tradition and the celebration of family.

Gifting money is a time-honoured tradition celebrated by Chinese people all over the world during CNY and other special occasions. During CNY, generally, elders gift money in little red envelopes, an angpao to the young, who returned the favour when they’re grown up and married.

As a show of respect, you could decline the gift politely, though also to eventually accept it politely to show respect. Though the girl in the Nike ad didn’t seem to get the latter part, there’s a catch at the end…

Watch the ad below:

It’s a charming and quirky ad that doesn’t sell hard, which is hardly the case with giant companies these days whose ads feel more like they’re being forced down your throat and washed down with a glass of ‘wokeness’.

So now you know that when your aunty visits this coming CNY, you can run from her with a pair of Nike Cortez.

Happy Chinese New Year from JUICE! 🐀🏮

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