WATCH: Living Room in Selangor, Kitchen in KL… Woman Shares How She Crosses Borders in Her Home Every Day

(source: MStar)

Recently, a TikTok video by user @hakak_stylo gained traction as she shared how she crossed the border from Kuala Lumpur to Selangor with ease.

At this point, she probably crosses state lines a bajillion times without the fear of roadblocks and it’s all thanks to the border being literally in her home.

According to the short clip, Sharina Intan Sharum or better known as Kak Intan, shared how the family’s house is located right on top of the Selangor-KL border. She showed off the kitchen which is located in KL and then runs over to Selangor, which is where her living room is located.

Intan’s living room in Selangor. (source: MStar)

Intan told MStar that the three-storey bungalow is at Jalan Gombak and was built in 2002 by her parents after they retired.

“No roadblocks. No need to get out of the house to cross states. Just walk a few steps from the kitchen in Kuala Lumpur and you can be there in the living room in Selangor,” she said.

The house has seven bedrooms and is currently occupied by Intan’s 73- and 78-year-old parents and her younger sibling’s family.

Intan and family (source: MStar)

While the location is definitely unique, it can also cause some confusion – mainly to guests and couriers.

“The couriers are always confused. When using Waze or Google Map application, it will actually take them to the right path and they will pass in front of the house, but they don’t stop because they can’t find it. So, every time someone wanted to deliver something, we had to wait outside the house, and instruct them on the phone until they find us,” she said.

In the past, they sometimes put up big banners around the area for guests to refer to if they get lost – especially during past Raya season or big events where they have multiple visitors.

Regardless, it is still their family home and Intan couldn’t be more proud of its unique feature!

Watch the TikTok here:

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