Viral Sisters Sell 300 Durian Fritters A Day For Only RM1 Each

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Source: utusan/Mohamad Hafizi Mohd. Said

Since the king of fruits is now back in season, these two sisters had the idea to sell fried durians for RM1 a piece at their stall located at Arked Mara in Terengganu.

Ever since starting the business almost three weeks ago, 31-year-old Nor Faizatul Shazwani Abu Bakar and her 24-year-old sister, Nor Farhana Fatihah’s efforts to bring the unique dessert to life has proven to be a success as the daily orders began getting out of hand.

Speaking to Kosmo, Farhana said, “On the first day of our business, we sold banana fritters and then added durian fritters the next day but we didn’t expect it would be a hot-seller.

Source: kosmo

“In the beginning we sold 100 durian fritters a day and now we sell 300 pieces since it went viral.”

Farhana said that she and her sister did not expect their idea would help them earn their income since they were worried it wouldn’t get any attention especially when its RM1 a piece.

She said that they use durian kampung as part of the recipe from their mother to make the durian fritters.

If you happen to be in the area you can check out their stall which opens at 2pm and closes at 5pm.