Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants Malaysians To Be A Part Of His Upcoming Music Video Project

source: Netflix (Edited)

You may know him as Tom, the softboi from 2009’s 500 Days of Summer, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been Batman’s partner, a tough-and-rough adult entertainment consumer and young Bruce Willis.

On Tuesday 11 August, the Hollywood actor published a post on Facebook looking for a Malay speaker to do a simple recording.

It was followed by another post (on 12 August) saying that he’s looking for Malaysian artistes of all kinds to collaborate with for his upcoming project inspired by his new Netflix film, Project Power.

Malaysian musicians are asked to join this global collaborative project and create 8 to 16 bars answering the question,”what does power means to you?”

Netflix’s Project Power will be available to stream on 14 August. It stars Jamie Foxxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback and Machine Gun Kelly, among others.

It follows an ex-soldier, a teenager and a New Orleans police officer that are looking for the source of a new drug that gives its user temporary superpowers. Imagine having the power of a green mean monster, but for like 10 minutes.

The original song and music video that he posted about will drop after the movie’s release. If you’re interested to show how pauer you are, you can join the collaboration here.