WATCH: ‘Hantu Bongkok’ Made An Appearance at MRT Pasar Seni & Netizens Are Freaking Out!

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(source: TikTok)

Sightings of a mysterious woman donning a white dress while walking in a specific creepy manner appeared on social media platforms.

Specifically, the terrifying scene was uploaded by a netizen, @atisahira on TikTok as she questioned the situation which happened at the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station Pasar Seni on Friday (12 November).

In the short clip, it can be seen that the woman, who resembles the ghost from The Ring, appeared to be playing a role but what made people freak out was the fact that there were no props or crew taking any shots. Take a look:

@atisahiraJumpa depan mata dekat mrt pasar seni 😶 ##tanjatgegirl♬ Caught A Vibe – Lancesavali

Many were curious about the situation, and thankfully, RapidKL delivered an explanation! They confirmed the incident and explained that it was just “content” for an event held at Pasar Seni and that the “ghost” is an actor from Orang-Orang Drum Theater.

Even so, the act was so realistic that passersby were still spooked after watching her performance.

“If she suddenly raises her head and starts running, I swear I will run and throw my phone at her, it is horrific by just imagining it,” said user @Sekenit12.

“I think it’s a metaphor for how people pass by the Pasar Seni station nowadays, where people had to walk very fast but their hearts die inside,” user @Ciknab699 commented.

This user nearly got it right.

(source: Orang-Orang Drum Theater FB)

Orang-Orang Drum Theater mixes music, dance, and performance art. Apparently, you can spot these “ghosts” as they were doing open rehearsals at the MRT station for its public performing arts project ‘In Transit-ion: A Poetic MRT Journey’.

Their final performance was on 13 November called ‘The Terminal’.

According to The Star, one of the curators of this project, Damien Leow said, “All the artists mainly fixed the themes for themselves, mostly relating to their feelings during the long MCO, about death and life”.

Hashtag #Deep, Hashtag #ArtBerat.