WATCH: Azealia Banks Throws Mic At Audience After Arriving Hours Late at Wynwood Pride

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Azealia Banks

She was in the 212 but now she’s throwing mics.

Fans’ initial responses to the news that Azealia Banks will be this year’s Wynwood Pride headliner were divided.

Banks, a rapper from Harlem, has made several contentious statements in the past, including ones that were offensive to the LGBTQ community.

Azealia Banks’ transphobic comment

However, Banks still has a sizeable following within the LGBTQ community, especially given that her “handbag house” music is often included at gay nightclubs.

At last week’s Wynwood Pride, Banks arrived on stage hours after her scheduled performance time and was visibly frustrated with the event’s organisers.

“I’ve been being f***ed around with, you know? Set time has been moved and like, oh, you’re headlining. No, you’re not headlining. Now you’re not this,” said Banks onstage to the crowd.

“I’m so unhappy to be here. But what did the fans ever do? What did you guys ever do, right?” she added

Azealia Banks at at Wynwood Pride

Eventually, Banks lost her cool in the face of the loud boos she was receiving and threw the microphone into the audience before storming off stage.

Banks then flipped-off the crowd, prompting a spectator to douse her with water.

To clarify the matter, Banks turned to Twitter.

She expressed her displeasure with the organisers for utilising dry ice, something she had previously informed them that she is very allergic to.

After tweeting the messages, Banks’ Twitter account was suspended.

Twitter users jumped in, wondering why Banks was the event’s headliner given her history of spreading hate speech to the community she was performing to.

Some Twitter users came to the headliners’ defence as the audience was continuously provoking her.

Many speculated that this was the desired result for Banks and questioned the true motives of the organisers.

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