WATCH: A Group Of Students Caught Using Their Schoolmate As A Punching Bag, Netizens Furious & Upset

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Several videos recently went viral and have been shared on multiple social media platforms showing a group of students bullying their schoolmate by using him as their personal punching bag, quite literally.

The video showed the victim, dressed in a red shirt, being repeatedly punched and kicked by at least seven other students.

The victim was clearly in pain and wincing when they would deliver their blows, yet he refrained from retaliating due to fear.

According to a Twitter user, the incident happened at a local maktab or boarding school.

A netizen on Facebook had originally shared the clips on his account, which was later re-uploaded onto Twitter.

The Facebook post has since been taken down.

Angered by the videos, netizens reacted to this unacceptable behaviour and stressed on eradicating bullying in schools.

Some netizens went as far as to identify the bullies.

4 years ago, navy cadet, Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain was bullied and abused profusely at his dorm leading to his death. He was brutally beaten-up by pipes and hangers, burned with an iron and whipped with belts.

It was only in November of this year that the cadet and his family finally saw justice when 18 of the cadets responsible for his torture were sentenced in court.

The nature of bullying, while common, is extremely dangerous and – as illustrated through Zulfarhan’s murder – can sometimes be fatal.

In this recent case, it is still unknown on whether or not the school will be disciplining the bullies but we hope that there will be serious repercussions for these heinous actions.