WATCH: 16 Youths Caught Brawling In-Front of Pavilion Detained, Fight Was Suspected To Be About Vaping

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There are a few cultural events that all Malaysians are familiar with, like bazaar Ramadhan, CNY lion dances, Deepavali fireworks and the occasional budak-budak gaduh in-front of Pavilion.

Recently, a clip went viral on social media of youths in tight pants getting into a brawl at the infamous spot. The video shows approximately 20 males ganging-up on one boy and beating him to the ground. To be honest, it looks exactly like the PUBG loading page.

Take a look:

While it’s not surprising to see this kind of brawl happen, it’s still very concerning since youngsters are still engaging in gangsterism activities despite the pandemic and social distancing rules. Well, at least they were wearing masks in the video…

The video was posted without context until today when authorities successfully captured the culprits involved.

The 16 youths were detained by police, all aged between 13 to 25 years old.

Apparently, the incident took place because one of them passed-out after getting too high from smoking their vape. While it’s still unclear as to how the brawl happened, police believe it has something to do with drugs and vape.

Despite that, all suspects detained tested negative for drugs during a urine test.

We’re just glad none of them got seriously injured or pummelled with helmets during the fight.