Wanted Man in Sabah Attacks Police With Parang & Slingshot, Collapses Only After Being Shot 3 Times

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(source: NST)

According to NST, a man high up on the wanted list was shot dead after attacking policemen with a parang at the Kampung Panji Laut water village in Sabah on Friday (30 May) night.

The suspect identified as Jamal Salih Kaldo, who is an illegal immigrant from the Philippines, is wanted by the police for his suspected involvement in several burglary and house break-in cases.

Semporna district police chief Superintendent Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah said a team from the Criminal Investigation Department was deployed to the scene after receiving a tip-off on the suspect’s whereabouts.

“The suspect grabbed the parang, barged forward and swung his weapon towards the police when the raiding party arrived at the house. The suspect became aggressive and continued attacking the team when the police, in an act of self-defence, fired a warning shot that hit the man’s thigh,” he told reporters yesterday.

He added the suspect became more aggressive after which police released a second warning shot which hit the men’s abdomen.

(source: NST)

Police fired a third shot when the suspect continued attacking them using a Flying Feather (a weapon in the form of a slingshot).

“The suspect collapsed after he was hit by the third shot which wounded the left side of his abdomen. The suspect was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead at 12.40 am on Saturday (1 May),” he said.

The raiding party, he said, seized a parang, the Flying Feather, arrows and knife from the premises.

Following what transpired, Mohd Farhan said police solved nine cases involving burglary and house break-ins in the district. He added that the case is being investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.