12-Year Old Boy Transfers RM25,400 To Scammers For An iPhone 11 Pro

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Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Rojak Daily205449

Scammers are always lurking on the internet looking for the next victim, so when a 12-year old boy transferred RM25,400 to scammers for an iPhone that doesn’t exist, his dad gets a shock of his life.

The father found out that cash was missing from his bank account after realising that several online banking transactions were made to unknown people from his mobile phone, New Straits Times reported.

On 28 April, the son was at home in Maran and around noon, he saw an Instagram advertisement that offers the iPhone 11 Pro at only RM500. The boy then contacted the seller using his own mobile phone and was happy when he was offered RM400 for the iPhone.

State Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Superintendent Mohd Wazir Yusof said at about 5:15pm, the boy used his father’s phone to transfer RM400 into an account number given by the scammers.

source: CNET

“The boy transferred the cash using his father’s online banking application to one ‘Sabrina’ without his father’s knowledge. When the boy asked the seller when he will receive the device, the caller told him to contact another number,” he said.

Wazir said the boy was told to transfer another RM1,350, this time to activate his iPhone warranty card which he agreed. The syndicate members continued to coax the boy to make more transactions and assured him the phone will arrive soon.

He said the boy, who thought the deal was real continued to make another five online banking transactions into an account number provided by the scammers totalling RM23,650.

“When the boy’s father checked his mobile banking application several hours later, he saw several thousands of ringgit missing. He confronted his son before they lodged a police report,” he said.

The case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating, which carries a maximum of 10 years in jail and whipping, and a fine if convicted.