“Beaten with a hanger, broom, & burnt with lighter,” M’sian Couple Arrested After Video of Child Abuse Went Viral

(source: The Vocket)

Recently, police arrested a couple for allegedly abusing a child, after their actions were caught on video and went viral on social media.

According to The Star, Kajang district police chief Zaid Hassan said the 4-year-old girl had been under the couple’s care since April as her mother was incapable of looking after her.

Investigations found that the child, who was said to be hyperactive, was force-fed until she vomited. Police also suspect that she was beaten with a hanger and a broom, and burnt with a lighter several times.

“After receiving a police report at midnight, Kajang police rescued the victim at 2.30am today and arrested one local man and a Singaporean woman at a house in Beranang, Selangor. They have been remanded for seven days until July 28,” Zaid said in a statement.

The girl was sent to Hospital Kajang to be treated for her injuries.

The case is being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act for neglecting and exposing a child to danger. The couple could face imprisonment of up to 20 years or a fine of up to RM50,000, or both, if found guilty.

ICYMI, an Instagram and TikTok video showing a woman beating a child with a broomstick went viral this week. While the video has been deleted on Instagram, it has garnered more than four million views on TikTok.

(source: TikTok @theaqil7)

mStar reported that the individual who recorded the video eventually went to the police station to seek further action.

“I recorded the video as proof for the police report… hopefully police will give their cooperation in helping the child. I will explain in detail after the situation has calmed as I am at the police station and the issue is still under investigation,” said the individual.

The video since has prompted many angry comments by netizens.

“Why wasn’t anyone helping. Isn’t there anyone brave enough to save the child?” said one user.

“Woman without decency. Thinks money can solve everything. Those with power please take action.

“Please be patient, the woman will receive retribution,” said another.