Netizens Shocked To See Video of Waterfall Packed with People Not Wearing Masks

Despite our long, hard battle with Covid-19, it is still not over and we need to continue adhering to SOPs if we want a chance at normalcy again.

However, once rules began to loosen for those fully-vaccinated, all hell broke loose.

Currently, there is a viral Tik Tok video circulating the internet of a massive crowd at a waterfall in Sungai Pisang, Gombak.

From the video, it seems like the trek was packed like sardines and many of the people bathing in the water were not wearing their masks and not social distancing.

Take a look:

Not only is this scene incredibly alarming due to the complete disregard of SOPs, but the people were also littering at the area.


While the government has loosened its rules, it does not mean that citizens can throw caution to the wind.

It is important to remember that despite being fully-vaccinated, you can still contract the virus and spread it to others. With our daily cases maintaining its 5 figures with 16,000+ cases today (September 13), we are far from safe from Covid-19.

In the video, there were also children who were not wearing masks, making it more likely for them to contract the virus since they are not vaccinated.

Is one leisurely day at the waterfalls worth the debilitating hospital bills and potential death of our loved ones?

You decide.