VIDEO: Watch Pa’din Musa’s Documentary—DEMI

Legendary skateboarder Pa’din Musa announced his collaboration with renowned sports footwear, apparel, and accessories brand Vans a week ago, becoming the first Malaysian ever to collaborate with Vans to create a signature shoe colourway.

While fans all around are anticipating for the shoe release of Pa’din Musa’s signature Vans, both the the Authentic Pro and the Old Skool Pro, on 2 December, Vans has released something much, much more exciting than sneakers.

They’ve released a documentary – an entire documentary centred around the legend himself!

Titled Demi: A Pa’din Musa Documentary, Pa’din tells the story about his journey of being a skateboarder while touring the peninsular of Malaysia with the rest of Vans Skate Team back in August 2017. Pa’din highlights his skateboarding lifestyle, friends & family, travel experiences, and his venture in custom bike business. This documentary also highlights the skateboarding progression in Malaysia.

My life in skateboarding is already complete, I have nothing to prove. I have enjoyed it with all my close friends from my younger days, I also enjoyed it with the new younger generation that are really good at skateboarding,” says Pa’din in the documentary.

For those who are unfamiliar with the name Pa’din Musa, the man is a two times X-Games Gold Medallist, and is one of the most influential skateboarding figures in Southeast Asia. With 28 years of experience in skateboarding, Pa’din Musa has an undisputable reputation and long history in skateboarding that remains unchallenged among countless generations of skateboarders in Malaysia.

The 25-minute-long documentary brings the audience on a heart-warming journey through Pa’din’s life as a skateboarder. Fans get to see never seen before photos of Pa’din, deep insight on his experiences and hardships, intimate moments between Pa’din and his loved ones, and a look into Pa’din’s life with a see-it-all lens.

A lot of things that I don’t think every skateboarder gets to go through. I feel really happy, it’s difficult to get this kind of opportunity because I am already 41 years old, and people can still accept me as a person that is still relevant in the skate scene.”

Pa’din ends the documentary by imparting heartfelt words and advices to the new, younger generation of skateboarders.

I just want them to enjoy skateboarding, not to become a problem when they do it. Because this is what we want, we want to enjoy it with our friends and besides skateboarding, at the end of the day it’s the journey and the experience that matter.”

But it was the ending lines that really got us in the feels.

Why would you do it, why would you still skate when you fall down? The reason you do it is because of your passion. Others might think you are foolish to jump down a stair set only to hurt yourself. Truthfully, it’s not because we are foolish, it’s because that’s our passion. It’s how we learn to handle failure.”

Watch the entire documentary here:

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